Are you confident in the implementation and delivery of School-assessed Coursework in VCE Economics? Presenter to be confirmed - will be an experienced teacher of VCE Economics. This presentation will explore the 'how to' of the design and assessment of VCE Economics School-assessed Coursework.

In this professional learning program you will

  • explore the do's and don'ts' of SACs
  • learn what to consider when designing a SAC
  • consider what to look for when using a SAC created by someone else
  • receive an overview of the Study Design requirements
  • see examples of SACs with varying degrees of difficulty
  • examine sample student responses to a SAC
  • learn what to consider when grading student responses.

Recorded Friday 17 March 2017


Timmee Grinham, Fintona Girls' School, Balwyn

Access closing date

31 December 2017 (you can access the link as often as you wish)


51 minutes (approx.)


Audio integrated with Power Point, plus handouts

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