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Vicki Baron takes participants through her approach to tackling Unit 4. Using key elements of the Unit, Vicki unpacks old exam questions and provides suggestions for student tasks. This a succinct presentation of value to all teachers of Unit 4 Accounting.

Recorded in 2013, this presentation is still applicable in 2017

Vicki Baron, Hailebury

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31 Dec 2013 (provided upon purchase, you can access the link as often as you wish.)

60 mins (approx)
An approach to Unit 4 - Vicki takes participants through the way she is tackling Unit 4 with her students in 2013. Using key elements of the Unit, Vicki unpacks old exam questions, provides examples of weekly tasks for her students including the use of graphs and support of reading skills. This presentation is comprehensive and a must for all in teachers of Unit 4 Accounting.

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